Brady Price

Farm Director

Brady Price successfully participated in a state-of-the-art indoor commercial grow facility in Colorado. He did this by creating and implementing all facility standard operating procedures, leading to an increase in production from 330 to 1000 pounds, systemized to a whole organic Colorado State validated product. Currently, he is holding multiple records with Phytatech for THC 30% and greater on BananaOG at 31.59% and Chem 4 at 31.4%. He efficiently documented seed to sale tracking, has expertise in pesticide and disease control, as well as, bacillus and mycelium management. He has a background in air condition and dehumidification design including greenhouses. He has created a custom organic commercial indoor irrigation system, has an excellent understanding of all environmental problems and solving, and efficiently planning and producing 45 phenotypes with advanced genetic diversity and a successful perpetual cycle. He is capable of creating mold and insect resistant plants, while stabilizing phenotypes fast. Successfully maintains positive relationships with owners, management, law enforcement, fire marshals, and all third-party contributors. His mission is to help anyone create and live sustainably, with the cannabis cycle of life. Brady has a Pesticide Applicator ID with the Colorado Department of Agriculture and a Colorado Metrc Badge.

Alex Cass

Soil Scientist

Alex was born in Lincoln, Nebraska and moved to Fort Collins in 2010. He graduated summa cum laude from Colorado State University with a degree in Soil and Crop Sciences and an interdisciplinary minor in Organic Agriculture. Alex connected with Quatrix Aquaponics for his internship at CSU, which led to his work with Blue Circle Development. Alex has a little under a decade's worth of experience working in cannabis cultivation, both conventionally and organically, indoor and outdoor.

Maria Hoerig

Solutions Coordinator

Maria has received a Bachelor's Degree in both Anthropology and Spanish from Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, FL. With a strong interest in Cultural Ecology, she went on to earn a Master's in Global Sustainability from the University of South Florida. She completed her thesis on sustainable land use while working with the CREES foundation in the Madre de Dios region of the Peruvian Amazon. Maria has participated in every area of the Cannabis industry here in Colorado, from paralegal to production manager to grower. Becoming a part of our team, she hopes to continue to educate the community, both local and afar on sustainable business practices and lifestyle choices.