Blue Circle is a holding and investment company and we are always looking for new opportunities and connections. We can offer investment opportunities, funding, and financial planning services to a diverse portfolio of companies and individuals. Blue Circle has expertise developing strategic marketing plans across all sectors of the hemp and marijuana industries. In addition, Wilton Inc., a valued partner can offer payroll, accounting, and compliance services.

Services Provided by our partner, Witlon Inc.

  • Human Resources & Payroll
  • Accounting Services
  • Compliance Services

We offer clone propagation services to get your fields going year after year, our genetics or yours. We also offer contract farming; we can design, implement and manage your hemp farm in whichever capacity is necessary, no matter the location.

We can provide genetic and cannabinoid research support, as well as contract research projects, agricultural research (nutrient lines), and consulting with through our extensive network of experts.

We have scientists and product formulators on our team to help you realize your product, scale, or simply receive an extraction referral.

We offer investment opportunities, funding solutions, compliance assistance, marketing advisement, and payroll and accounting services.