Our research farm, nestled along the front range in Northern Colorado, boasts 3 acres and a 7,000 square foot greenhouse dedicated to research and development of industrial hemp. We are currently involved in projects with various nutrient companies to prove efficacy in results throughout a given growth period. In addition, many of our genetics projects are being conducted at this facility; including stabilization, breeding, selection, and a tissue culture lab offsite. This year, 2017, we are growing high-quality CBD for concentrates and flower. Our research farm is certified organic, growing all plants with the utmost attention to organic guidelines for practices and products used. Our process for extraction is also certified Organic.

Operates industrial, agricultural, and nutriceutical hemp farms for both production and research.

Maintains a partnership with Eltron Research company, co-locating in a 26,000 square foot research lab in Boulder, CO.

Scientists and product formulators to help you realize your product, scale, or simply receive an extraction referral.

Help with investment opportunities or funding, payroll and accounting, compliance, or marketing.