Paul Mahlberg


Dr. Mahlberg obtained one of only two Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Schedule 1 research licenses to pursue studies on Cannabis in the United States spanning a period of 33 years from 1970-2003. During that time he accumulated one of the most extensive seed banks in the world with over 200 strains (varieties) of Cannabis from worldwide sources including landrace varieties, which were cultivated in secure greenhouses. The studies are available in over 30 scientific publications on Cannabis. Over the years, Dr. Mahlberg has been a sought-after consultant as one of the leading experts on the cannabis plant in North America and throughout the world. Dr. Mahlberg has been a consultant to the School of Pharmacy at the University of Mississippi in its Cannabis program. He also consulted the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, Vienna, on the processing of raw opiate material. Dr. Mahlberg’s work has also been the subject of articles in many national publications such as High Times Magazine focusing on his research to determine optimal harvest times of Cannabis to capture the highest levels of specific cannabinoids such as THC.

Matt Gibbs

Chief Operating Officer (COO) Sunrise Genetics

Matt has a BA in Finance from the University of Iowa and a Masters in Social Science from the University of Colorado – Denver. He has spent the last 10 years working in the realm of strategic sustainability, specifically at the nexus of operationalizing triple bottom line goals. He is the COO of Sunrise Genetics, parent company of MariGene and HempGene.

Blake Ebersole

President, NaturPro Scientific

Blake Ebersole, B.S. Forensic Chemistry, MBA, has worked in R&D, production and quality of dietary supplement ingredients for over 12 years. As research director, Blake assisted in the effort to conduct and publish more than a hundred scientific studies and patents on natural products in the areas of clinical, toxicology, mechanism of action and chemical characterization. As quality director, Blake developed quality systems and audit programs for ingredients facilities in developing countries based on ISO, GMP and risk-based food safety standards. With a background in analytical method development for natural products, Blake enjoys lively discussion about how to achieve optimal precision for trace contaminants in complex matrices.