Blue Circle Development is a holding and investment company dedicated to research and development in various markets, with a strong presence in the Hemp and Cannabis industries. BCD has partnered with the Stevia Corporation and Eltron Research in an effort to support external companies in realizing their goals regarding research and development, product innovation and scaling, commercial products and services, management, funding, and more. Together, we are pioneering the trail towards professional cannabis and hemp industry standards while encouraging a sustainability framework in many other sectors.

Brandon Pitcher

Brandon Pitcher is an award winning developer, change agent, and educator; sharing his passion for social and ecological entrepreneurship, systems thinking, and sustainability for over 15 years. A ZERI certified practitioner and promoter of the Circular and Blue Economy (theblueeconomy.org), he has traveled to over 40 countries researching dozens of projects and learning from leaders in the field. He has led workshops on design and technology solutions for over a decade, giving over 500 presentations including MIT, Yale, the United Nations University in Tokyo and many other venues. He currently collaborates with a variety of entrepreneurs and organizations, helping guide the transition to a more ecologically literate society.

George Blankenbaker

George Blankenbaker is an entrepeneur with a passion for sustainable, earth-friendly business. He acts as Chairman and President of Stevia Corp., as well as managing Real Hemp, LLC. George makes it a priority to ensure workers and their communities experience the highest quality of life and opportunities possible while producing the highest quality natural products for the global market. George believes a synergy of business, humanity and earth-friendly technologies can yield sustainable success for all stake holders.

Paul Grimmer

Paul Grimmer, owner and president, acquired Eltron Research in 2005 and brings more than 30 years of experience in the petroleum industry. Prior to Eltron, Mr. Grimmer spent 28 years working at Conoco primarily in upstream as an engineer, project manager, and then in business development. As President of Conoco’s Gas Solutions, he grew the “gas solutions” business within the company from its inception into a program that generated $100,000,000 annually, with a staff of more than 240 people.